During the second half of the 19th century scientific photography made further strides in Florence thanks to the efforts of authoritative figures in the world of science such as Paolo Mantegazza (1831-1910), Odoardo Beccari (1843-1920), Giorgio Roster (1843-1927), and Stefano Sommier (1848-1922). In 1889, together with professional photographers including Carlo Brogi (1850-1925) and Vittorio Alinari (1859-1932), they founded the Italian Photographic Society. In this stimulating cultural milieu Roster stood out—not only as a scientist but also as a photographer. He developed more reliable photosensitive materials and introduced technical improvements to the camera, advances that contributed to the development of photography worldwide.


 Roster at the Meteorological Observatory of the Florence Institute of Public Hygiene (1902-1906)
Portrait of a Laplander for anthropological study (1879)
Roster (no. 12) and other Italian photographers at a convention (early 20th century)