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Natura, scienza e tecnica nell'antica Pompei

edited by: Annamaria Ciarallo, Ernesto De Carolis
ELECTA, Publishing House, Milan, 1999

Pompeii was devastated by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. It was expanding rapidly when tragedy struck and brought the life of the city to a dramatic halt. The catalogue of the exhibition, which presents numerous essays written by renowned scholars and historians, illustrates the various aspects of daily life in Pompeii and leads to a discovery of the naturalistic, scientific and technical knowledge which characterised this ancient civilisation. The catalogue was published in many languages and accompanied the exhibition throughout its world-wide itinerary (Italy, United States, Germany, Japan and France).

400 pages
480 black and white illustrations, 120 colour illustrations
25x28 cm
ISBN 88-435-6938-4

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The Homo Faber guidebook leads the reader along an educational pathway through the various sections of the exhibition. It provides synthetic but detailed information on the nature and on the technical and scientific knowledge of ancient Pompeii. In addition to 1,500 images of works of art, archaeological finds, artefacts and historical documents, the CD-Rom presents more than 50 slide shows, numerous explorative activities and animations, as well as educational games. The viewer is thus introduced to the most significant machines and instruments of Roman civilisation operating in their respective contexts.
Moreover, the CD-Rom contains inspiring interactive areas which render the assimilation of the principles and of the constructive processes of the scientific-technical knowledge of the Romans both easy and enjoyable. The guidebook and the CD-Rom are available together in an elegant presentation.

64 pages
80 colour illustrations
14x20,5 cm

CD-Rom for Windows and Macintosh
Box with Guidebook and CD-Rom:
ISBN 88-435-6991-0