In addition to the Marciana Library map and the marine chart in the Vatican Library, Fra Mauro (active ca. 1430-ca. 1459/1464) designed a large scale topographical map of the territorial possessions of the Camaldolite monastery of San Michele di Leme, located today in the town of San Lorenzo del Pasenatico, in Istria. This map, conserved at San Michele in Isola until the mid-18th century, has since been lost, but is known to us through a reproduction published in 1756 in the Annales Camaldulenses, with a long title that attributes it to “Mauro, monk and cartographer”.

This map was composed in 1433 during the course of a territorial and administrative dispute between a local nobleman and the monastery of San Michele di Leme. The printed copy displays the same graphic and textual characteristics that would later be featured in Fra Mauro’s world map in the Marciana Library.